Frequently asked questions


How can I contact one of the bases?

Before you go on holiday you will receive a letter with some additional information about the base. This includes a map so you can easily locate our offices or yachts. The letter also includes the mobile number of the base managers.

How does the deposit and consequential damage cover in the Unigarant Sailing Holiday Insurance Policy work?

The Unigrant Sailing Holiday Policy is an insurance policy that allows you to insure a portion of the deposit amount.
You must still pay the deposit at the base, but in case of damage Unigarant will reimburse up to 85% of the deposit amount.

You can download the exact terms of this policy by clicking here download.

If I book a yacht, is it certain I will receive that specific yacht?

Yes. Whatever way you book (online, by phone, by email), the same real-time database is used. Double bookings are therefore impossible. In the unlikely event that there are technical problems with the ship you booked, you will also receive an upgrade at no additional cost.

Why are the plane tickets so expensive?

There are several reasons. First of all, the destinations where our bases are located are busy with tourists. Yet there are relatively few flights to these destinations. This can thus be explained through the age-old law of supply and demand.

However, there are more opportunities/carriers that can take you to the place of destination. Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities with you.

Who is the owner of the OCC yachting ships?

All ships you rent in Greece are owned by OCC Yachting. We do not work with third parties in Greece. You rent directly from the source.

Vluchtingen ook op Lefkas of Corfu?

Wij krijgen regelmatig de vraag of het vluchtelingen probleem ook speelt in de zeil gebieden rondom Lefkas en Corfu. Het antwoord hierop is nee, Corfu en Lefkas liggen aan de westkant van Griekenland terwijl vluchtelingen aan de oostkant van Griekenland binnenkomen.

Flotilla sailing

Does flotilla sailing have compulsory social aspects?

No. During flotilla sailing there are only two fixed agreements. These are the times at which the briefing is given in the morning and the time you are expected in the next port by the flotilla supervisor. The rest of the day you are completely free to do whatever you want, without restrictions.
Experience shows that many people enjoy dining together in the evening. However, it is not obligated to do so.

If you do not enjoy being part of a flotilla, you may notify the flotilla leader that you want to do something different.

Please be aware that technical assistance becomes a lot more difficult in such circumstances.

How many ships are part of a flotilla?

To make the experience as pleasant as possible (for both you and our supervisors) there is maximum number of ships that are part of a flotilla. Nevertheless, we can always assure that when you book a flotilla holiday, you can always sail as part of a flotilla. If the group is too large, we will split the fleet and travel into two groups (if necessary even three). The exact maximum number of ships per flotilla is difficult to indicate. This depends on the area and the period in which you want to go sailing. However, the number is usually between 6 to 10 ships.

What language do the lead crew speak in the flotillas?

The flotillas are always accompanied by Dutch people. The briefings are given entirely in Dutch. If there are people from other countries in the flotilla, they will receive a separate briefing in English of German.

What is flotilla sailing?

Flotilla sailing is possibly the most relaxing way to discover unfamiliar waters. If you go flotilla sailing, you will receive an extensive morning briefing on the weather, route, beautiful anchorage areas and you will learn more about the ports and villages you will be sailing to. Once you arrive at the destination, you are free to do whatever you want. The flotilla supervisors will always be ready to assist you with mooring. With their extensive experience and good contact with the local population they are often even able to arrange a spot in the busiest ports.

If you run into any technical problems along the way, our people will try to solve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. If possible, immediately on the spot. If you have any questions along the way or if you are not certain about the destination then you can contact the mother ship using the marine telephone on your ship.

Flotilla sailing holidays in Greece are wonderful sailing holidays that offer the freedom you desire, but also support of experienced people who are greatly familiar with the sailing area and the ship you will be travelling on. Every day, you are free to decide whether you want to travel to the next port or bay. Would you like to stay in a particular port/bay for a day? Would you like to visit that beautiful place you saw along the way? No problem. As long as you inform the flotilla supervisors. Naturally, in every port you can meet people who are also part of the flotilla.

You will meet people who love sailing just as much as you do and a beer under the Greek sun tastes even better after a long sailing trip. Children are always part of our flotillas in the summer months. Therefore, we deliberately choose to keep the daily distances shorter so that, for the most important people in the world, there is still plenty of time to swim and play with their new friends. The older children can relax on the beach.

Are there many children in the flotilla?

Naturally. Every year, dozens of parents join us on sailing trips, especially during the school holidays. Sometimes there are even more children than adults in the flotilla. Feel free to contact our office in Muiden. They can indicate how many children (and of what ages) will be part of the flotilla.


How do I pay for my sailing holiday?


OCC Stichting Vaarvakanties

Rabobank 3431 98 924  IBAN: NL88 RABO 0343 1989 24 / BIC: RABONL2U
ING 5134 060 IBAN:  NL31 ING B00051 340 60 / BIC: INGBNL2A

OCC Yachting has the following payment arrangement:

1.     In case you make a booking without flight tickets, the down payment is only 15% of the full boat rental fee.
2.    For the remainder of the boat rental fee, you may choose from the following;

  • Bank transfer of the remainder at least two days before departure.
  • Pay the remainder by cash at our base.

3.    If you have booked flight tickets and/or a country accommodation with us, you should pay this along with the 15% deposit. We book your flight tickets through Sundio Group. They fly with Transavia and are a member of ANVR and SGR

Bareboat sailing

What is bareboat rental?

Bareboat simply means you only rent the ship, without flotilla supervision. This is almost always the case in the Netherlands. However, it is recommended that you have past experience sailing if you want to explore this area independently.

Would you like to book a sailing holiday in Corfu or Lefkas online?

Benefits OCC Yachting

  • Dutch company
  • Own ships and bases
  • Since 1976
  • Only 15% deposit on boat rental
  • Dutch and English guidance

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