Abelike Bay

38º40.7’N – 20º47.5’E

The entire north side of the island of Meganissi is known for its beautiful deep bays. But be careful, because there are many shallow areas here! The rock formations continue under water, so make sure you keep sufficient distance. In front of the entrance to these bays lie small rocky islands. There are rock formations between these islands and the coast of Meganisi.

DO NOT SAIL IN THIS AREA (see map!). The bays offer good anchorage areas for the night and there is a great restaurant in Abeliki Bay (The Pirates Coves) with shower facilities and water/power on the jetty.

Convey in ships

When you sail into Abelike Bay you will see a cove on port side. Here you can drop anchor. Allow the boat to drift to the shore and use mooring lines to moor the boat against the rocks. This is a great place to go for a swim. If you sail a bit further into the bay you will see a jetty belonging to the Pirate Cove restaurant.

Abelike Bay


Further back in the bay you will find a jetty belonging to the Pirate Cove restaurant. There are no mooring locations here, so you must use the bow or stern anchor to moor your ship. Near the jetty the water is shallow enough to moor the boat in reverse. The anchoring ground is good. You will find water and power on the jetty.

Abelike Bay
Abelike Bay


Water & power Water and power on the jetty
Shower & toilet Both in the restaurant
Restaurants Pirate Cove
Shelter Good from all wind directions
Shops & supermarkets None


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