N-ingang 39º 12’·22N 20º 11’·47E
Z-ingang 39º 11’·80N 20º 11’·32E

The ‘capital’ of Paxos, an idyllic tourist location that is hidden behind the island of St. Nicholas. The distance between the two islands is so small that the water in between the two forms a very sheltered river. Gaios stretches along the quay with a small village square in the centre, which lies right next to the harbour. A stroll through the village’s narrow streets with many jewellery and souvenir shops is definitely worthwhile.

Sailing towards this area

You can enter the area from both the south side and north side. The southern entrance can be recognised at a greater distance by all the buildings (which are easily distinguishable). There is a narrow passage between the piers of the southern entrance where the water is only 2 metres deep. Stay in the middle and wait until the ‘passage’ is free. The northern entrance is poorly visible from a great distance. Once you come closer, the lighthouse and white wall on the island off the coast become visible. In high season you will recognise the entrance because of all the yachts and ferries.



The channel has a well-sheltered quay where you are able to moor forwards or in reverse with an anchor. The north side offers quiet areas and the quay on the south side is located in the lively centre. The whole quay is used for mooring, only the permanent sites for ferry boats should be avoided (these are signposted).



Water Provided by a tanker.
Shower and toilet: Shower opportunities in restaurant Pan & Theo (on payment)
Restaurants There are many taverns and bars along the water and in the centre.
Shelter Good shelter in all weather conditions, south wind can cause some swelling along the southern quay.
Shops and supermarkets There are many shops and small supermarkets along the quay and in the streets around the main square..
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous: Several ferries to Lefkas and Corfu leave from the harbour. The harbour fee is a few euros. Scooter and car rental are available.


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