38º40.0’N – 20º56.7’E

Mitikas lies opposite of the island of Kalamos. It is a typical Greek village and has a great appeal to Italian tourists. The shopping street is very busy in the evening. Many Greeks from the area come here to drink ouzo. In 1991, a small port was built next to the existing pier. Your boat is fairly sheltered and you can replenish your water supply here.. There are several ATMs in the village. Please note: a port is currently under construction here. The underwater section is ready, but the above water section is still under construction.

Sailing towards this area

There are two ‘ports’ to the southeast of Mitikas. Please be careful, the breakwaters to west lie partly underwater. The northeastern port can easily be spotted..



The northeastern port is small and difficult to manoeuvre in. The western quay is better, but beware of the floating mooring lines. Good shelter from the prevailing winds. You can also drop anchor to the east of the port, but the prevailing winds cause this area to be quite restless. Please beware, there are many reports of theft on yachts here.



Water & power Water on the quay, no power
Shower & toilet not applicable
Restaurants Plenty of taverns along the waterfront
Shelter Good shelter from the prevailing NW-W wind.
Shops & supermarkets Supermarkets
Miscellaneous Bank, ATM


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