38º42’.5N – 20º42’.8E

Nidri is the busiest port town on the island of Lefkas. A busy quay with lots of terraces makes it a lively place and one of the most touristy areas on the island. This is an excellent place to do some grocery shopping. There are ATMs and the shops are open seven days a week, even on Sunday. All shops are located in the main street and there are a wide variety of restaurants.

Because of the constant arrival and departure of ferries and tourist boats, the quay is rather busy. Furthermore, chances are high that the anchor of your ship will be weighed by someone else. This can cause considerable damage and annoyance. A better solution is to sail past the quay and drop anchor a bit further south. You can then use the dinghy to sail to the shore. Make sure you pull the dinghy ashore. Anchoring to the right of the quay (in front of the beach) is prohibited. This area is marked by buoys. Another possibility is to anchor on the other side, at Tranquil Bay. This is especially recommended for a (peaceful) night.

From here you can also make a nice walk to the waterfalls (from the main street to the left, inland, approx. a 3 km walk). A beautiful walk through a fertile and green area. Walk all the way through the gorge to the small lake. The walk is definitely worth it. As a reward you can take a refreshing dip in the icy waters. Towards Vlikho lie the excavations of Dörpfeld.

Sailing towards this area

When entering Nidri, watch out for the large number of ferries, dinghies, pedal boats, etc. It is an extremely busy water traffic area. In front of the entrance to the Nidri bay lies the island of Mahouri. You can sail past the island on either side.



Once you arrive in the bay you can moor on the quay, but you are better advised not to do so, as in the summer it can be very crowded and restless here. Take the depth of the water into account when anchoring. The water depth quickly increases, due to which your anchor will soon lie at 8-10 metres. At the quay the depth is only 3 metres.



Water Water on the quay, diesel is supplied on request.
Shower & toilet Restrooms in the restaurants, showers not available.
Restaurants Various bars and restaurants in the main street and on the boulevard.
Shelter Provides good shelter in all weather conditions.
Shops and supermarkets Enough shops in the main street. ATMs are available.
Miscellaneous not applicable


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