38º46’.94N – 20º52.64E

Palairos, also known as Zaverda, is an elongated fishing village. Palairos provides ample opportunities for shopping both in the village below and along the long winding road that leads to the upper part of the village . There are several bars, taverns and restaurants near the port and along the boulevard. There are no bakeries. The post office is located halfway along the road into the village. There is an ATM at the port and one half a hours’ walk away in the village. Drinking water is available at several points along the quay and diesel is supplied by tanker when ordered. Several restaurants, including restaurant Tomorrow, offer showering facilities at a reasonable price.

Bottled water from the KORPI source. This water comes from the town of Korpi, approx. 12km from Palairos. This village is known as a health resort for kidney patients. Don’t expect a health resort as we know them. Wooden barracks serve as sleeping areas with toilets and washing facilities and a cup or mug. People drink the water from the source all day long. From far and wide, people come here to fill jerry cans and water bottles. This source leads to Vonitsa, at the crossroads to Lefkas and Palairos. You will also see a lot of people filling their jerry cans with water here.

Sailing towards this area

Palairos is clearly visible from the water. Beware of Ifalos lossif when sailing towards Palairos. This is a reef in the middle of the Bay of Palairos.



Using bow or stern anchor along the quay. A good anchorage soil. Or attach your boat to the mooring at the floating pier.



Water & power Water and electricityon the quay and jetty
Shower & toilet In restaurant Tomorrow at a reasonable price.
Restaurants There are many restaurants along the waterfront and in the village.
Shelter Good shelter from the prevailing winds.
Shops & supermarkets Several shops
Miscellaneous The bank is located on the hill, two ATMs Busses to Vonitsa and Mitika


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