38º09’.04N – 20º47’.90E

Poros is a reasonably good place to stay overnight. But make sure you don’t moor your boat too closely to the ferry boat docking areas. The ferries create a lot of swelling, especially when sailing away. If there’s room, you can moor in the small fishing port. The harbour master will assign a mooring place upon entry. Drinking water is available on the wharf next to most mooring places. Although this port is used for sailing ferries, the adjacent beaches are very clean. The same applies to the sea water.

Sailing towards this area

You can easily spot Poros from the north. From the south you won’t see it until you pass Ak Pronos. Watch out, the prevailing winds can be strong and there are strong gusts of wind from the coast.



You can moor along the southwest quay, the soil is very suitable for anchoring.



Water & power Water on the SW quay
Shower & toilet not applicable
Restaurants Different taverns in the area and village
Shelter It can be uncomfortable with the prevailing winds, but this wind usually disappears at the end of the day.
Shops & supermarkets Supermarket near the quay, more shops in the village


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