38º21’.95N – 20º43.14’E

Vathi is the capital of Ithaca, also known as Greater Vathi. Vathi lies at the foot of the Aëtos, around a deep cove extending inland: the gulf of Molo. This bay is known for its frequent strong and prolonged katabatic winds in the afternoon. As a result, this can cause quite a bit of damage to rigs and ships. The east coast of Ithaca has many beautiful anchorage areas, but few of them are suitable for overnight stays. Greater Vathi has many shops, a supermarket, restaurants, post office and banks with ATMs.

Sailing towards this area

Vathi is located at the southeastern tip of Kolpos Aetou (Gulf of Molo). It is not clearly visible from the sea, you actually need to sail into its bay to see the town. When entering the area, be aware of all the katabatic winds that blow from different directions. Also watch out for the ferries, they may seem to appear from all directions and always have priority.



In Vathi it is possible to use the bow anchor and moor your ship in reverse against the quay.



Water & power Water along the north quay
Shower & toilet Showers in the large hotel at the back of the bay
Restaurants Various restaurants in the town
Shelter Beware of katabatic winds from all directions
Shops & supermarkets Many shops in the town


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