About OCC Yachting

OCC Yachting is a pioneer in the rental of sailing yachts. With 41 years of experience, we guarantee great know-how and expertise. OCC Yachting was founded in 1976 in Corfu by Klaas and Astrid Broodwinner. Currently their son Menno manages the two bases in Corfu and Lefkas. Our fleet consists of 45 sailing ships and two motorised yachts. In Turkey, OCC Yachting has its own factory where the Aloa 28 and our motorised OCC Cruiser 40.2 are built.

Our team

Mennu Zanne Broodwinner en kinderen

Menno and Zanne Broodwinner

Menno is the son of the founders of OCC, Klaas and Astrid Broodwinner. He therefore grew up sailing in Greece. He has vast technical knowledge of the ships and sailing area and, of course, he knows a lot about Greece. He also speaks fluent Greek. His wife Zanne Broodwinner is Danish and manages all administrative affairs and the staff for the two bases in Greece.

Diederik Bots

Diederik Bots

After studying Small Business in Haarlem, Diederik moved to Greece in 1997 to supervise flotillas for OCC yachting. Back in the Netherlands, he started a water sports business together with his brother Joris. It started with a rental company for sailing yachts as a franchisee of OCC Yachting but was soon expanded with an event agency for corporate events on and by the water. (De Bootsmannen and Pampus Events). Later the booking office for OCC Yachting was added.

Lieselotte Dekker

Lieselotte Dekker

Lieselotte has been sailing in Greece for 15 years, especially in the Ionian Sea. She has also travelled a the country extensively and therefore possesses much knowledge of Greece. Along with Diederik, she can be found in the OCC Yachting booking office.

Marianne Touw-Breur

Marianne Touw

In her younger years Marianne has worked as a flottilla leader for OCC Yachting for 5 years. She learned to  know the Lefkas area by heart and has seen how it has changed since the eighties. Up till know she still loves to come back regularly.
Back in 1999 she helped out at the office which was still based in Naarden. She still has a passion for sailing and since 2015 she is back at the office in Muiden.

Jennifer Joedo

Jennifer Joedo

After a 3 year around the world trip in their Landrover, having lived in Malaysia and Australia, Jennifer and her boyfriend Don choose to go working for OCC Yachting in Greece. In 2014 and 2015 they have been guiding the flottillas in Corfu until Jennifer was 7 months pregnant and they decided to go back to The Netherlands.  Now as a family they are organizing and guiding special kids flottillas in low season together with OCC Yachting. Besides this, Jennifer is responsible for PR and Marketing for OCC Yachting in Muiden.

Douwe and Elsemiek

Douwe and Elsemiek – Flottilla leaders Corfu

Elsemiek (23) and Douwe (26) both study Safety and Security Management. Elsemiek has been to Surinam for her internship and has done charitywork in Ghana and India. She has explored Greece before and loves the warmer climate. As a child she has been sailing, but together with Douwe she spent most of her free time on the water.

Douwe has a real passion for sailing since he was a little boy. He’s attending sailing competitions and now and then sails to England. He has been skippering and guiding flottillas in Greece before, but this summer it will be the first time we will do this together as a team. We hope we can give you an experience of a lifetime.

Marcel and Petra

Marcel and Petra – Flottilla leaders Corfu

Hello! We are Marcel and Petra and our dream is to sail around the world one day. But the question is where to begin? To start with we applied for the job to guide flottillas at OCC Yachting and here we are! We are very excited and we hope it’s going to be a great season for all of us!

Anton Edith

Anton and Edith – Flottilla leaders

In 2011 we started to lead the flottilas in Lefkas together with Sander Ligtvoet. Edith has worked as a flottilla leader for OCC Yachting before in 2005 for the Corfu area. Up till now we still sail each year for OCC Yachting, even if it’s only for a few weeks. We love doing this and can say we are addicted to sailing. To combine our passion with work and enjoy the beauty of the Ionian Sea, is an experience not be missed. This year you can find us in Greece again in September where we will guide the Oneway flottilla from Lefkas to Corfu and we are really looking forward to it!

Thijmen van Pruissen

Thijmen van Pruissen – Flottilla leader and skipper Lefkas

Since 2012 you can find me in the beautiful Lefkas area during the high season. Also this year you can find me on the Ionian Sea. Each year I am looking forward to join the team in Greece and guide the flottillas. I like spending time with the kids and having fun together. Most of the time you can find me at the kids table or playing hide and seek with them.

In The Netherlands I am studying Marine Technology and I am doing my internship at Oceanco where I am helping out with designing luxurious yachts.

Over the past few years I can say that I have quite some experience in sailing in Greece and have met so many nice people. I am therefore really looking forward to meet some of them again this year, but also meet new people and show them around in this beautiful area!

Sebastiaan van Pruissen

Sebastiaan van Pruissen – Flottilla leader and skipper Lefkas

Most holidays I have spent in Greece on the water. Since 2012 I am working as a skipper and flottillaleader for OCC Yachting and I can say I have quite some knowledge about the Lefkas area.

This season I will be guiding the flottilas together with my brother Thijmen. Every week we create new memories and I am really looking forward to meet the guests!

Thomas van Walraven

Thomas van Walraven

My name is Thomas Walraven, 23 years old and I live in Uden. After having worked in the hospitality for 8 years I have decided to do something entirely different. In August 2017 I will be joining the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. But before I start I will be joing the OCC Yachting team in Corfu and Lefkas.
Besides sailing I love to cook. I am really looking forward to welcome you in Greece!

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Benefits OCC Yachting

  • Dutch company
  • Own ships and bases
  • Since 1976
  • Only 15% deposit on boat rental
  • Dutch and English guidance

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