Sailing with children

Sailing with children in Greece is a wonderful adventure. The Ionian Sea, Lefkas and Corfu areas are ideal for children of all ages. The sea is calm, the wind is not very strong and the distances between ports and bays are small, allowing you to easily travel both great and short distances. Along the way there is ample time to anchor in a bay, take a swim in the beautiful clear water and go snorkelling.

The children will certainly amuse themselves

Zeilen met kinderen

There is often a beach near the harbour where you can go swimming or fishing with a net or fishing pole. The Greeks loves children and they are always enthusiastically received in the many taverns.

Both older and younger children can enjoy themselves during a sailing holiday in Greece. Depending on the age, they can help each other while sailing and mooring. They can go for a swim, jump off the boat, go out during the evening, snorkel, fish, travel in the dinghy, explore caves and watch turtles and dolphins swim!

During school holidays, there are many children in the flotillas. The children will have fun together, on the shore, in the water and on the boat. Sometimes they sail along in a friend’s boat, allowing you a day’s rest. The next day they will all join you again, and you will be pleasantly busy.

Helpful tips

  • Entertainment: Drawing pens/pencils, puzzles, games, iPad and books are convenient when they are not interested in sailing for a day.
  • Fishing equipment, buy it on the spot, it is not expensive and saves luggage space. You can even leave it for the next guests.
  • For younger children it is a great idea to bring a small inflatable pool that you can place on the ship and fill up with seawater. Lots of fun!
  • Older children can team up with children of their age, go out in the evenings and…. help on board.
  • Safety: Small children should always wear a life jacket. These are available, free of charge, at the home base in Greece.
    Very small children can be placed in a folding booster seat (attached with straps) in the cockpit. They’ll have a great view and with a bucket next to them they’ll enjoy themselves as well.
  • Protection: High factor, waterproof sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. The UV shirts are great. They can be worn in the water and dry extremely fast. Water shoes are also useful for the rock and sea urchins.
Moeder met kinderen bij het water

Bed rail


For children that still fall out of bed there is a handy little foldable bed rail available. This also allows you to create a safe play area.

Children in the holiday weeks

To give an indication of the number of children (including ages) present during the holiday weeks, see the table below.

Leeftijd May holiday   July       August      
1e wk 1e wk 2e wk 3e wk 4e wk 1e wk 2e wk 3e wk 4e wk
0-5 jaar 4 1 0 3 0 1 1 0 4
5-10 jaar 7 12 6 8 11 15 9 12 10
10-15 jaar 14 12 14 11 14 16 9 11 5
15-20 jaar 16 22 16 11 11 14 5 5 10

Sailing with young children

Always wanted to take a cruise in the Greek waters with your little one (s)?

This year OCC teams up with Travelguppies its first flotilla for toddlers. This trip is especially designed for families whose children are not yet of school age, and so have the opportunity to travel outside the peak season.

This special flotilla will take place at the end of September 2016. In this period the weather is still excellent and the water temperature not too cold. Each family will be sailing their own boat, entirely at their own pace. During these trips we pay extra attention to the little ones which results in shorter (sailing) distances and more places to go swimming and play along.

Zeilen met jonge kinderen

About Travelguppies

Travelguppies specializes in adventure travel with children. No standard package deals with a fixed agenda, but trips where there is room to explore the area at your own pace. With Travelguppies you travel with your own family, but with the cosiness of fellow travellers; other families with young children.

Flotilla lead crew

The flotilla will be accompanied by Don, Jennifer & Skye (1,5 year). The couple has worked for OCC Yachting as flotilla lead crew and therefore are very familiar with the area. As no other they know where to find all the fun (child friendly) spots.

Dates Travelguppies flotilla

May 20th – 27th from our base in Lefkas. Other dates available on request. Minimum of 3 boats.

More information

For more information about this trip, please contact Jennifer (Travelguppies) at +31 6 534 66204 or Lieselotte (OCC) at +31 35 695 02 44.

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