Sailing with a skipper

Almost everyone dreams of going on a sailing holiday. But what if you’ve never sailed before? Then you can simply book a sailing holiday in Greece with a skipper.

The way in which we work is quite unique:

  • You choose your sailing area and yacht from our extensive offerings.
  • When booking you can indicate whether you’d like to hire a skipper (€695 per week).
  • During your holiday you will sail along in the flotilla.
  • The skipper/instructor will only be on board when sailing from location to location. At all other times (evening, night, morning) you will have complete privacy with your family or friends on your own yacht.

Because the skipper/instructor doesn’t sleep on board, you won’t have to rent an extra cabin. You are free to choose your yacht based on the amount of people on board. Furthermore, you can decide how many and what types of sailing tasks you’d like to do on board. Maybe you’d like to learn the ropes of sailing, or maybe you are not interested in sailing yourself: it’s your holiday, so you decide. The skipper/instructor always speaks Dutch (Dutch or Flemish).

A great opportunity for people with little experience who still want to enjoy a sailing holiday.

Naturally, a sailing holiday with skipper is no replacement for a thorough training at our sailing academy. Nevertheless, after a week you will probably be able to sail independently with a flotilla. If you book a two week holiday chances are you won’t need a skipper in the second week and will be fully able to navigate your own yacht.

Zeilen met een schipper Griekenland

Would you like to book a sailing holiday in Corfu or Lefkas online?

Benefits OCC Yachting

  • Dutch company
  • Own ships and bases
  • Since 1976
  • Only 15% deposit on boat rental
  • Dutch and English guidance

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