/Sailing adventure in Lefkas, Greece
Sailing adventure in Lefkas, Greece

Sailing adventure in Lefkas, Greece

Lefkas is OCC Yachting’s most popular destination. In this area you will depart from Lefkas Marina, which is just a ten minute walk from Lefkas city. Lefkas is a beautiful, green and sheltered sailing area with numerous islands and islets. After an hours’ sailing, you will feel like you are in another world. Different types of mountains and stunning views; you’d almost think you were sailing on a different sea.

Lefkas is extremely popular as a sailing destination.

Some islands are inhabited, others are not. Yet they all share in the splendour of the most diverse part of the Ionian Sea. The reception in the harbours and villages is warm and sincere. It doesn’t come as a surprise that this area – with clear blue boating and bathing water – is very popular as a sailing holiday.

Daily distances in this area are deliberately kept quite short. Sailing enthusiasts can sail for hours without simply sailing straight routes, while you can also make time to let your kids swim and play on the beach. You’re never far from the next harbour, and thus never far from the additional service offered by the flotilla supervisors. In short, something for everyone.

Also, wireless Internet is available in increasingly more places.
You will always remember Spartochori, Frikes, Fiskardo, Kastos and many other places. Is the memory starting to fade a bit? Why not come again? This area is never boring.

Lefkas Marina base

Sailing in Greece from Lefkas Marina. Right next to the charming and cosy town of Lefkas – the capital of the island – you will find the Lefkas Marina (opened in 2002). OCC Yachting was the first charterer to establish itself in this port, ensuring our fleet a VIP location. We will be delighted to welcome you here. Lefkas Marina is only half an hour’s drive away from the Aktio Preveza airport.

Naturally the marina has spacious shower and toilet facilities and power and water connections. There are several terraces, so you can count down the final minutes while enjoying a frappe, ice cream or cold Greek beer before you board. You can also swim in the pool of hotel Ianos (located on the Marina).

The supermarket on the marina is open both Saturday night and Sunday morning. Delicious Greek food can be found in Lefkas city, definitely worth the 10-minute walk. In the town, and along the seafront promenade, you can choose from a variety of simple and luxurious restaurants. There are sufficient ATMs and credit cards are becoming more widely accepted. The Marina is also equipped with WiFi and there are plenty of Internet cafés outside the Marina.

Crew Lefkas

We try to work with Dutch flottilla leaders and skippers who also can speak English and German as much as possible.

Would you like to get to know our crew a little better.

Meet them here.

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  • Dutch company
  • Own ships and bases
  • Since 1976
  • Only 15% deposit on boat rental
  • Dutch and English guidance
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