Sailing adventure Greece Corfu

Corfu is the most cosmopolitan island in the Ionian Sea. It’s a magical place, as testified by the Venetians, Italians, French and British who occupied the island for years. Corfu Town is a beautiful city with a lot of Venetian architecture. Corfu’s nature is varied and, by Greek standards, very green. In the north, the high mountains watch over the island. The centre of the island is hilly. The cypresses almost seem to touch the clouds. In the south, the green plains change into spectacular cliffs overlooking the azure water. A little further south you’ll find the Paxos and Anti-Paxos islands. These are true paradises and undoubtedly the most beautiful islands in the Ionian Sea.

In short, a lovely setting for a unique sailing holiday exploring the waters between Corfu, mainland Greece and the islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos. Flotilla or bareboat sailing in ideal weather conditions.

Luxurious Gouvia Marina

Empress “Sissi” of Austria built a summer residence on Corfu. She was also greatly impressed by this beautiful island. History comes to life here and the proud Greeks love to share that wealth of history with the many tourists who visit the island every year.
Your yacht will be waiting for you in the luxurious Gouvia Marina, at only a fifteen minute drive from the airport. You can marvel at the mega yachts moored here or dream away in the cockpit while sailing on the water. Behind the marina lies the village of Kontokali, where life seems to stand still.

Once you hoist your sails in its marina, you will immediately feel a certain calmness. While enjoying the scenery, the freedom and your company, you can sail your yacht over the blue water on the way to the many places with strange names such as Benitses, Petriti or Sayiadha. And the most beautiful part of it is, the same story starts over every day.

Base Gouvia Marina

The OCC Yachting base on Corfu is located in Gouvia Marina, in the beautiful natural harbour of `Ormos Gouvinon`, which means ´The Bay of Gouvia´.
On this (permanently guarded) marina you will find all the facilities you need: sanitary facilities, a supermarket, an ATM and several pubs/restaurants/hotels. An especially nice feature on the premises is the outdoor pool. This is a great place to relax while you are waiting to leave to the airport to catch your flight.

The OCC Yachting office is located twenty metres from the harbour office and the fleet is right outside the door. If you go sailing in Corfu, you will receive the office’s contact information along with your travel documents.

Crew Corfu

We try to work with Dutch flottilla leaders and skippers who also can speak English and German as much as possible.

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Benefits OCC Yachting

  • Dutch company
  • Own ships and bases
  • Since 1976
  • Only 15% deposit on boat rental
  • Dutch and English guidance

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