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Parga – on the Greek mainland – is also surrounded by beautiful areas. A picturesque town situated in the middle of two large bays. Although the influences of tourism are clearly evident in this town, it nevertheless continues to emanate a special feeling. It feels homey and cosy. Parga was built against a mountainside and the view from atop the hill near the fort is breathtaking. The terraces are wonderful and there are also many small, nice shops in the alleys between the typical Venetian houses. It is not advisable to moor in Parga itself, big swells can occur here and the quay is often occupied by taxi boats. However, the port in the west bay is suitable for mooring. For a trip to the town itself you can use a Yannis water taxi (for a small fee). It is also possible to visit the town on foot (30 min walk), along the beach and over the hill with the fort perched on top. Highly recommended because of the spectacular views.

Sailing towards this area

The houses and the fort on the hill are recognisable from a great distance. The port is located in the western bay of Orms Valtou. The area has a large sandy beach with many coloured parasols.
Watch out!
Caution is advised when entering the bay. Immediately around the corner at the entrance of the bay lies a rock (approx. 100m from the waterside) under the water surface. This rock is very hard to see!



Behind the pier are several sheltered moorings. Attach long lines to the stacked boulders of the concrete quay. The port is a bit messy, watch out for mooring lines. There is also a sunken boat just below the surface. Another option is to drop the stern anchor and slowly move the boat up the beach. Then drop the bow anchor on the beach. In high season it can get very busy here. During this season it is also possible to anchor in the bay.



Water On the beach, you do require a long hose however
Shower & toilet Outside shower on the beach
Restaurants Many restaurants, above average quality. Tip: Restaurants “Castello” in a side street of the shopping street towards the fort. A slightly fancier restaurant, very good quality.
Shelter Good with the usual NW wind Lots of swelling with south wind
Shops & supermarkets Many shops in the town, small camping supermarket halfway between the beach from O. Valtou


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