39º 37’·52N 20º 10’·88E

The first port on the mainland under Albania. It is a very small touristy fishing port near the Albanian border. What makes this town especially attractive is Aleko´s tavern, where large containers of fresh fish and shrimp are waiting for you.

Sailing towards this area

A good landmark is a small hill in the form of a pyramid. It can already be seen from a great distance and is close to the harbour of Sayadha. The buildings of the village along the water are also visible, but the port itself is only visible once you’re close. The entrance to the port is very narrow and can easily be overlooked. Watch out you don’t sail past the entrance! Enter the port at a right angle.



The entire port is very shallow, 2 metres deep in the middle, but 1.6 – 1.7 metres along the sides. It is possible to reverse moor along the quay on the opposite side of the taverns. For boats that are very deep it is advisable to moor forwards, this is also possible along the quays in front of the taverns.



Water At various places on the quay
Shower & toilet Restrooms in restaurants, no showers
Restaurants Several restaurants
Tip: fresh fish and large shrimps are available at Aleko’s tavern
Shelter Very good shelter in all weather conditions.
Shops and supermarkets A small supermarket and a bakery 2km from the village
Miscellaneous The harbour police department has an office here. They regularly check boat documents and ask a small fee.
For those who like to walk it is possible to enjoy a hike up the mountain to the ancient abandoned village of Sayadha. During the hike you will come across several beautiful vantage points with views of the Kalamas nature reserve. The hidden village is completely abandoned. Only the church has been renovated and has a new roof. The old wall murals are still intact.


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